ORYX Assistance has created a new service called Kingsize Help, which is about memberships that have not existed in Croatia until now. The service is intended for all drivers of freight vehicles, which implies free use of technical assistance services on buses and trucks in the territory of Croatia and Europe, in the event of a traffic accident or malfunction.

In the case of traffic accidents or failures there are a number of problems that no one is aware of until they find themselves stuck in a situation such as limited mobility, unplanned costs, and the like. Therefore, Kingsize Help service is now available on the market, which frees our members of unnecessary complications in everyday life due to limited mobility. The package includes a towing vehicle service, fault diagnosis, crane, accommodation, rent a car, repair and transport of the vehicle.

It is extremely easy to use, since in case of need, everything can be arranged simply by dialling the toll-free number 0800 1818, followed by quick and free intervention on the site.

More detailed information about the new service can be found at www.kingsizehelp.hr or at the toll-free number of the ORYX Assistance Call Centre 0800 1818. Soon it will be possible to contract the membership also with the insurer when making the insurance policy for the vehicles.