Most drivers use them all day long, for business or personal reasons.

The police have during the past year fined over 36,500 drivers for cell phone use while driving on Croatian roads, but, nevertheless, this has not impacted the statistics of such use severely.

For the above mentioned reasons, the RTL team decided to perform a test at the ORYX Safe Driving Center, to see whether drivers can drive well despite using mobile phones. When talking on the mobile phone while driving, only one of the traffic cones, set up to simulate lanes, was knocked over. During the second part of the test, the task was for the participants to write a text message, which turned out to be more difficult, since the number of knocked over traffic cones increased significantly.

The conclusion was that whatever we do with our cell phones, our attention is distracted from the road. Therefore, we recommend you don’t keep your mobile phone by your side when driving, since only a second of distraction is more than enough to cause a traffic accident.