New convenience for all Generali insurance users

Generali insurance has provided its customers with a new service in the form of the Second Vehicle ORYX Assistance service with an interesting slogan “Kada prvi zakaže” (“When the first one breaks down”), which can be activated at all Generali Insurance sales outlets, by selecting the appropriate package from the attractive supplement insurance offer. The service is intended for all those who have had a traffic accident, which implies a completely free use of a replacement vehicle during the repair of a damaged vehicle.

In the case of a traffic accident there are a number of problems that we become aware of only when we lose the mobility we are accustomed to. How big of a problem this actually is illustrated by the fact that in Croatia, over 150,000 insured persons are not mobile due to the repair of their vehicle. For this reason, the Second Vehicle service is available on the market and it is extremely easy to use, since in case of need, everything can be arranged simply by dialling the toll-free number 0800 5009, followed by quick and free delivery of the replacement vehicle to any location in Croatia.

The advantage of the Second Vehicle ORYX Assistance service is that it can be used in the event of a traffic accident and damage claim regardless of whether the vehicle is mobile or immobile, i.e. whether the driver is the guilty or the aggrieved party.

You can find out more about the service at and