TED (Tecnology Entertainment Design) is a global platform promoting ideas worth spreading, with the headquarters in New York.

At TED Conferences exceptional individuals give talks promoting their ideas with which they wish to change the world for the better. Their talks are uploaded as video clips to the web site www.ted.com where they get million views and inspire people from all over the world.

This year’s TEDx took place in Zagreb, at the Lisinski large concert hall on May 15th and gathered a large number of visitors of all ages and educational backgrounds. The most inspiring event of 2017, as they call it, presented ideas worth spreading with which we can achieve a better future for our community.

ORYX Assistance recognized the importance of this project and supported it by providing vehicle for speakers. Furthermore, ORYX Assistance presented its application Putni Anđeo (Travel Angel), and those interested in it could test how the application works – with e-up! electric vehicles and e-Golf.