ORYX Assistance invested in 20 new roadside assistance trucks

As a result of the desire to raise the level of roadside assistance services in the Republic of Croatia, ORYX Assistance launched a new multi-year investment cycle. After initially investing in 12 new VW- and MAN-brand trucks, in this new phase of the investment cycle, ORYX Assistance has invested an additional HRK 10 million in the purchase of the 20 new Iveco trucks and the accompanying special upgrades, equipment and software. This has also improved the reliability, speed and quality of service provided daily by ORYX Assistance on the roads across Croatia. The trucks have been delivered to the ORYX Assistance contractors in the period from September to November this year and are already in full operation. It is planned to continue with the investments in the same direction next year.

Special upgrades have been implemented in cooperation with AZ CROBUS, a subsidiary within the Zubak Group, which created great synergy effects within the group, and the production is kept in Croatia.

ORYX Asistencija

ORYX Assistance has a unique business model, which, among other things, is characterized by its own resources such as a contact centre, replacement vehicles, emergency trucks, service workshops, etc. Apart from the satisfaction of business partners with the new vehicles, we also received positive reactions from our members and other users of ORYX Assistance services.

By making continuous investments over the past seven years in people and other resources, both our own and our partners’, ORYX Assistance has once again confirmed its leadership position in Croatia in providing the above services as well as its intention to keep it. Such an approach has led to a significant improvement in service quality that we are extremely proud of and, as an example, it is sufficient to point to the fact that we have shortened the average time of arrival to the site to only 36 minutes from the call of the user“, said Ivan Zubak, the CEO of the ORYX Group.